War in Ukraine 

Displacement, entry and asylum War in Ukraine 

People being forced to flee from Ukraine have lots of questions and need support. Ukrainian nationals and third-country nationals who have been forced to leave Ukraine can find up-to-date answers here. This information will be continually updated.

Vor dem Bundeskanzleramt wehen die europäische, ukrainische und deutsche Flagge

Fragen und Antworten zur Einreise aus der Ukraine und zum Aufenthalt in Deutschland

Foto: Bundesregierung / Guido Bergmann

1. Entry / residence / asylum 

1.1 Are the borders closed from Ukraine into the EU?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.2 Can I travel out of Ukraine and into the EU without hindrance?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.3 I live in Ukraine but am not Ukrainian or an EU citizen, so I would usually need a visa to enter the EU. What conditions apply to my entry?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.4 How can I return to Germany if I have a German residence permit but live in Ukraine?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.5 Are there entry restrictions related to coronavirus? What evidence is required?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.6 Can I travel for free on Deutsche Bahn, the German railway system? ÖffnenMinimieren
1.7 Will there be evacuation flights? For German and Ukrainian citizens?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.8 I lost my/my children’s passport or verification documents while fleeing. Where can I get replacement documents in Germany?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.9 I lost my documents while fleeing from Ukraine and am now staying with relatives in Germany. Can I apply for asylum without documentation?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.10 I fled from Ukraine and am now in Germany. Do I need to report somewhere and get registered?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.11 What about Ukrainians who entered Germany before 24th February 2022, e.g. to visit relatives?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.12 What must be considered, if children from Ukrainian orphanages arrive here in Germany with their carers? ÖffnenMinimieren
1.13 I don’t need a visa to enter Germany, or I have a visitor’s visa. What are my options?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.14 Can I apply for a residence permit in Germany? What must I consider, particularly if I am not a Ukrainian national? ÖffnenMinimieren
1.15 Can I also apply for a residence permit online according to § 24 Aufenthaltsgesetz *(German Residence Act)?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.16 Do I need to stay in the country that I first travelled to? Or can I continue to travel within the EU?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.17 If I come as a refugee from Ukraine to Germany, how can I support myself if I have no money?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.18 A fixed abode has been provided in my residence permit pursuant to Section 24 of the Residence Act, but I want to live in a different place. What can I do?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.19 My relatives also entered Germany with me. Will they receive temporary protection together with me, as war refugees?ÖffnenMinimieren
1.20 I am a Ukrainian citizen and have received a deportation order to Ukraine. Do I need to worry about being deported?ÖffnenMinimieren

2. Housing / accommodation

2.1 Where can I find accommodation? ÖffnenMinimieren

3. Health / coronavirus / disability

3.1 Where can I get medical help if I or my child become unwell in Germany? Who will pay for treatment? ÖffnenMinimieren
3.2 I need/my child needs regular (prescription) medication. Where can I get these?ÖffnenMinimieren
3.3 Can I access psychological care if needed? If yes, how do I access this, and who pays for it?ÖffnenMinimieren
3.4 Where can I get information about the current coronavirus regulations? How can I protect myself from being infected with COVID-19? ÖffnenMinimieren
3.5 Where can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 for free?ÖffnenMinimieren
3.6 I was given the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine or the Chinese “Sinovac/Sinopharm” vaccine, which aren’t recognised in Germany/I am not vaccinated against COVID-19. Are COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory in Germany? ÖffnenMinimieren
3.7 My child will go to nursery in Germany. Is the measles vaccination mandatory?ÖffnenMinimieren
3.8 I / my relative(s) have a physical or mental impairment / disability. Where can I get support and advice?ÖffnenMinimieren

4. Living in Germany  

4.1 How do I open a bank account in Germany? ÖffnenMinimieren
4.2 Is my Ukrainian driving licence valid in Germany?ÖffnenMinimieren
4.3 I would like to take part in an integration/language course to learn German. How and where can I register? ÖffnenMinimieren
4.4 What options are available for childcare, and who do I need to contact regarding this? Do I need to pay?ÖffnenMinimieren
4.5 Are there people to help and support me? Are there language mediators to accompany and support displaced persons, and how can I contact them?ÖffnenMinimieren
4.6 What help is available to me if I’m a minor, and who can I contact to advise me?ÖffnenMinimieren
4.7 Where can I find news and information in Ukrainian and Russian?ÖffnenMinimieren
4.8 Are there free cultural and leisure activities for me and my children?ÖffnenMinimieren
4.9 What does the German Consumer Advice Centre (Verbraucherzentrale) do?ÖffnenMinimieren

5. Financial support

5.1 Can I apply for benefits in Germany?ÖffnenMinimieren
5.2 Where can I get financial support after the first three months?ÖffnenMinimieren

6. School / training / studying / work 

6.1 When and where can I enrol my child into school or daycare, and are there language mediators available in these areas?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.2 My child doesn’t speak German. Where can they get language support?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.3 Are there any other care options for children that I can use too?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.4 Will my Ukrainian school-leaving certificate be recognised?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.5 Where can I get information about education in Germany? ÖffnenMinimieren
6.6 I’m studying in Ukraine and have Ukrainian citizenship. I’m now in Germany and would like to continue my studies. Will my previous academic achievements be recognised, and who can I contact?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.7 Can I continue my studies in Germany if I do not have Ukrainian citizenship and have studied in Ukraine?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.8 Where can I find information about assistance schemes offered by German universities to students and scientists from Ukraine?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.9 As a student from Ukraine, where do I get information about where to live?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.10 I’m a student from Ukraine, have Ukrainian citizenship, and have come to Germany as part of a fellowship/exchange programme (or similar). My stay in Germany is set to end soon. Who can I contact?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.11 I am staying in Germany for a limited period of time, e.g. as a student. Will my residence permit as a Russian citizen (e.g. visa or residence permit) be extended?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.12 Can I start working immediately after arriving in Germany? ÖffnenMinimieren
6.13 I would like to work, but I don’t speak German. What can I do?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.14 Can I continue to work in my profession as a Ukrainian war refugee in Germany?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.15 Where can I get my Ukrainian qualifications recognised? ÖffnenMinimieren
6.16 Once I know I’m allowed to work, how can I find work? ÖffnenMinimieren
6.17 I have been offered employment. What happens now?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.18 What is the minimum wage? Does it apply to me? ÖffnenMinimieren
6.19 Who can help me with questions regarding labour law?ÖffnenMinimieren
6.20 What is a Mini-Job and what do I have to consider in that regard?ÖffnenMinimieren
  1. Contact details / important authorities / contact partners
7.1 The Ukrainian embassyÖffnenMinimieren
7.2 ConsulatesÖffnenMinimieren
7.3 Where can I find the address of my local immigration authority and other governmental agencies? ÖffnenMinimieren
7.4 Who can I contact if I have concerns about, for example, accommodation or financial support?ÖffnenMinimieren
7.5 Which independent, non-governmental advisory services can I reach out to?ÖffnenMinimieren
7.6 To whom can I turn, if I have lost contact with members of my family?ÖffnenMinimieren
7.8 Tools: Overviews / brochures / manualsÖffnenMinimieren
7.9 Refugee councils organised by federal state ÖffnenMinimieren