Back to everyday life with the Corona-Warn-App for Germany

Coronavirus Back to everyday life with the Corona-Warn-App for Germany

Have you been near someone with coronavirus? At the supermarket, on the bus, or in a café? This is what the new Corona-Warn-App shows you. The more people get involved and install the app, the more effectively it will protect us all. It will enable us to break chains of infection and protect people from infection. Download the English version of the app.

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The most important questions about the Corona-Warn-App

Why do we need an app?

The app helps stop the spread of the coronavirus. It detects other smartphones around you on which the app is also activated. The app will inform you if you have had contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus who has also installed the app. You can then react quickly and prevent the virus from spreading unwittingly. The Federal Government supports the app because it is for the protection and health of the community. Your data is encrypted. No one can draw any conclusions about you or your location.

How does the app work?

The app uses Bluetooth technology to measure the distance and duration of encounters between two people who have both installed the app. The devices exchange random codes with each other. If people using the app test positive for coronavirus, they can voluntarily inform other users. Then the random codes of the infected person are made available to everyone else who uses the app. 

When does the app warn me? 

You will not receive an immediate warning if you approach a person who has tested positive for coronavirus by closer than two metres. Otherwise your privacy would not be guaranteed. Your smartphone has no information about who is infected. It only knows that it has been near another smartphone on which a positive coronavirus test result has been stored.

Am I obliged to install the app?

No. Use of the app is voluntary and is for your protection. You can delete the app at any time and all stored information will be deleted.

Who is behind the app? What about my privacy?

The app is a project developed on behalf of the Federal Government. Deutsche Telekom and SAP developed the app. The Federal Office for Information Security and the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information were involved in the project’s data protection and security. Protecting your privacy is a top priority with the app. You remain anonymous at all times when you use the app.