Resolution of the Federal Government and the Federal States: contact restrictions to be extended

On 15 April, the Federal Government and federal states agreed on further action to contain the coronavirus. The contact restrictions that have been in force since March will be generally extended until 3 May 2020, but there are also new regulations and information

•    Shops with sales areas of up to 800 square meters as well as – regardless of the sales area – car dealers, bicycle dealers and bookshops may reopen. However, they must comply with the hygiene regulations and avoid queues.  

•    Schools will gradually resume lessons starting on 4 May – priority is given to graduating classes and the last class of primary school to begin with. Exams and exam preparations for this school year’s graduating classes will take place again. By 29 April, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs will present an approach on how to resume lessons altogether.

•    Emergency care for children will continue and extended to other professional groups and others who need it.

•    Hairdressers may recommence operations from 4 May if they take sufficient measures to protect employees and customers.

•    Meetings in churches, mosques and synagogues as well as religious celebrations and events are not permitted for the time being. 

•    Large events will remain prohibited at least until 31 August 2020.

•    All citizens are strongly recommended to use everyday masks, notably in public transport and while shopping.

The Federal Chancellor and the federal states will reassess any developments and decide on further measures in due course before 4 May. Please continue to stay at home and refrain from private travel and visits. 

Montag, 20. April 2020